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They help define us and create opportunity
Collaboration with Hogenhouck M&A, Guy Butler Ltd and Lion Finance

European Finance Tour made possible

At Roodhals we work hard to realise our clients' ambitions. Of course we can only do this with the help of our partners. Roodhals is proud to count Hogenhouck M&A, Guy Butler Ltd and Lion Finance among its close partners.

With Hogenhouck M&A we collaborate on transactions where we provide complementary services. London broker Guy Butler Ltd helps Roodhals with unparalleled access to the City capital markets. And we recently put our minds together with Lion Finance to work out the synergy between our capital advisory and their CFO-to-share business. We believe in the value proposition this creates for our clients. 

In response to Coronavirus perils Lion Finance and Roodhals have developed a special Business Recovery 3.0 programme for Dutch companies and entrepreneurs. This programme has a keen and independent eye for what needs to be done, with particular care for the people in your organisation.

Such collaboration does not stop with client business. We also team up in training young talent. Internships, guest lectures and student trips - that's where we work with our partners to reach the next generation of corporate finance afficionados.

For example, with partner firms Hogenhouck M&A and Guy Butler Ltd we participated in the FSR European Finance Tour for several years, organised by MSc students of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Participating student teams were put to the test in a negotiation game in The Hague, a bond analysis challenge and a trail-seeking game around the landmarks of the City of London. 

The next generation of corporate finance afficionados