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Direct lending

Waning bank risk appetite provides an opportunity
non-bank lenders fulfill critical part of capital structure

Growth-inspired funding

Corporate loans provided by non-bank institutional lenders and credit funds are attracting attention from Dutch business executives. Since the 2008 financial crisis, diversification of funding sources has become an important board room theme. In addition, shareholders often look for ways to stay in control, while pursuing a growth or acquisition strategy. 

Relying solely on a banking relationship may not be a desirable strategy, as banks have changed. They have become more risk averse due to stringent regulation and sometimes lack a relationship manager who understands your business.

Direct lenders can fill this gap with their in-depth understanding of your business and financial solutions. Compared to the UK and US, direct lending has been slow to catch on in the Dutch corporate market. 

Roodhals' credit focus enables us to assist lenders with origination, by conveying the practise of direct lending to Dutch corporations with precision and clarity. Of course, our experience also stems from connecting our corporate clients to direct lending solutions.

Conveying the practise of direct lending with precision and clarity.